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Saturday, November 14, 2015


If you think that you have Babesia, check out this symptom list:

Co-infections make Lyme disease difficult to treat.  You won't feel better, if the co-infections are not treated. Share this symptom list with your doctor.It is possible to have contracted Babesia, and not have Lyme disease.  This is an infection that is similar to malaria. If your symptoms match the chart above, consult your doctor for testing for Babesia.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

If You Lack Prescription Insurance, What Can You Do? There is hope!

I read the article below, which describes a way to make your own penicillin.  At the very least, it would be an interesting science experiment.  For someone who does not have access to a clinic or sympathetic doctor, it could be a life saver.

Eleven Natural Antibiotics:
I agree with everything on this poster, except colloidal
silver.  It can have some serious and irreversible
side-effects so I would never use that.

The link below offers a way to relieve pain without medicine.  You can use your body's own pressure points and a clothes pin to help with the discomfort associated with Lyme disease.  I haven't tried this technique myself, but as soon as I can get a clothes pin, I will see if it works for some sinus issues.

The effectiveness of Banderol and Samento purportedly out perform doxycycline during in vitro studies:

Herbals, supplements, and other ideas for curing Lyme disease:

This might be worth a try.

Other herbal remedies:

Folk remedies and natural antibiotics:

Natural pain relief without pills:

Remember the old joke, "Pull my finger, and see what happens."  LOL I made you laugh! Well, apparently, pressing on different parts of your fingers can actually relieve pain and get you smiling again, at least temporarily.  For more information, read the link below:

One of my favorite sources of herbal medicines and supplements is Swanson Health Care Products. They carry a wide range of herbals, oils, and supplements at reasonable prices.  Sign up for their mailing list for coupons and discounts.  They often include coupons in your order box for the next time.  I don't get paid for an endorsement here, but I am just trying to help others who cannot afford medication or do not have access to health coverage.  I am not giving medical advice and I am not a medical professional.  Do your research and watch out for drug interactions with herbals.  Please consult your licensed professional for medical advice.

I had trouble taking so many pills and supplements.  My stomach became very upset because I was taking up to 40 pills and supplements a day.  I mentioned this to my doctor and she said that I could cut back.  I cut back my vitamin D, supplements, and iodine to once or twice a week, and cut some others to every other day.  This really helped with the stomach pain and burning caused by taking too many pills at once.

There is something else that you can do to treat your Lyme disease that is free.  Try to get plenty of sleep.  I know that this can be difficult with Lyme disease.  Sometimes, the pain is so great, that you cannot rest at night.  And the pain is often worse at night.  Sleep whenever and where ever you can.  Take naps.  It all counts.  Sleep is one of the way our bodies repair and heal.

Good luck to you and your family in this journey of Lyme disease.  I am living proof that one can get better.  I consider this to be a miracle.  God bless my caring Lyme physician and her Physician's Assistant.  Without those two wonderful, compassionate women, I do not think that I would be here!