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Sunday, October 25, 2015


Why are so many Lyme patients not improving, even with antibiotics?  I have wondered this many times.  After reading countless blogs, articles, and chat rooms, I have come to the conclusion that it is because we have more than one infection attacking us.  The immune system becomes overwhelmed and basically shuts down.

When my doctor explained to me that I probably had 2 co-infections in addition to Lyme, I went into immediate denial.  I just could not accept it.  It made me seem like a hypochondriac to have three diseases at once.  I told no one at first.

After reading about co-infections of Bartonella and Babesia, which I'd never heard of, my symptoms started to make sense.  There were too many matching symptoms for it not to be true.  I finally accepted my diagnosis and decided that the only way to get better was to take a three-pronged approach at a cure.

After reading the article below, I realized that I did have co-infections.  Hope this link helps someone else:

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