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Saturday, March 7, 2015

It Gets Worse, It Gets Better

The doctor warned me, "You are going to feel worse before you get better."  I was willing to take that chance.  She told me that this may last 3-5 days.  It actually lasted about 4 weeks.  Finally, one day I woke up without as much morning pain and stiffness.  As the day wore on, I actually felt better.  Almost normal.  For some reason, the leg and knee swelling was still there.  I couldn't easily get up from a seated position.  If I have to kneel or sit on the floor,  I can't get up without assistance.  (No more yoga.) Other parts of my body are swollen, too.  I have reached a plateau in my treatment:  feeling better, but not back to normal yet.  Not making any further progress.  It seems as though I have excess fluid retention of some sort that my body cannot get rid of by itself.  Ugh!

Link to article about Lyme written by a doctor with this disease:

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