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Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Brings Increased Risk Of Lyme Disease

Spring is arriving, and with the warmer weather comes the risk of tick-born diseases such as Lyme disease. As individuals begin to spend more time camping, hiking, fishing, and hosting cookouts, they need to be aware of the hidden risks.  People who work outside are especially at risk.  Parents also need to take steps to educate  and protect their children against this insidious illness.  When spending time outdoors, people need to check themselves, their children, and family pets for ticks.  Although there is a vaccine for dogs that protects them from getting Lyme disease, no such vaccine is available for humans, so prevention is key.  

If you do discover an attached tick, seek medical attention immediately.  Although a small number of people do develop the bulls eye rash associated with Lyme disease, most do not. 
Getting tested and treated early in this disease will prevent it from progressing to the more serious form of the disease that mimics arthritis.  If left untreated, it can cause permanent damage and even become a chronic, life-long condition. 


  1. Do you or a loved-one have Lyme disease? Do you recall being bitten by a tick? How long did it take to develop symptoms? Did you have a bulls-eye rash?