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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Travel Charity For Chronic or Terminal Illness

If you need to travel in order to receive treatment for your Lyme disease, the folks at Roses From Linda may be able to help.  It is a travel charity that I learned about while watching the Steve Harvey show.  I was lucky enough to have a Lyme disease doctor who was 1/2 an hour from my home.  Not everyone is that lucky.  Lyme disease doctors are few and far between.  Even if you have one near your house, it may take a year or more to see someone locally.  (My Lyme doctor is so busy, she books a year in advance and sees patients from far and wide.)  It may necessitate traveling to someone in a distant state in order to get in to see the doctor in a timely fashion.  With Lyme disease, it is important to receive treatment quickly before the damage to joints, tendons, and nerves becomes permanent.  If you don't have the money to travel, you may be eligible for assistance, so don't wait!

If you want to make a donation to Roses From Linda in memory of someone who has lost their battle with chronic illness such as Lyme disease, you may contribute cash or frequent flyer miles.

For help with travel expenses, treatment, or equipment click on the link below:

Help with expenses related to a chronic illness, including medical, travel expenses, and housing:


  1. How much have you spent on treatment and testing for Lyme disease? How long have you had this disease? Has it become a chronic condition?