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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New Cure For Lyme?

A friend in the scientific community sent me a link to an article that has a potential cure for swiftly wiping out Lyme and persistent co-infections.  I just had to share this good news.  It may be worth sharing this with your doctor or asking to try a "Z-Pak" for Lyme.  I plan to share this with my doctor at my next appointment.
Zirthromax, the “Z-Pak” common to doctors’ offices worldwide, has not been used to fight the superbugs. Traditional lab tests in standard bacteriologic media had shown the standard antibiotic to have no effect.
But the new study shows that growing the potentially-deadly bacteria in mammalian tissue culture media made a huge difference – and proves that in real hospital settings, the Zithromax could turn the tide against the spreading germs.
“Even more striking, the drug-resistant superbugs were completely wiped out when azithromycin was paired with the antibiotic colistin or with antimicrobial peptides produced natural by the human body during infection,” said the authors.
See the complete abstract in the link below:

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