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Monday, May 25, 2015

Lyme Disease in Indiana

Indiana does have Lyme disease.  Yes, the ticks do carry Lyme disease.  We are over-populated with deer who carry the disease, so it only follows that we have Lyme disease.  Ask any veterinarian about Lyme disease in animals, and he will tell you that he sees many cases in pets.  Dogs, cats, and even horses can and do get Lyme disease in Indiana.  Many articles will tell you that the tick must be attached to your body for 24-48 hours in order to infect someone with Lyme disease. (someone needs to tell that to the tick that bit me! LOL)  This is not true. If you are bitten, you can be infected immediately.  Don't take any chances.  If you are bitten, get medical attention immediately.  If you can capture the tick, stick it to scotch tape and put it in a zip lock baggy.  Take it with you to the clinic or doctor for testing.

There was an article about Lyme disease in the Indianapolis Star yesterday, so here is that link:

Lyme disease in the Mid-west:


  1. Do you know anyone who has Lyme disease? Has one of your pets ever had Lyme disease? Does your pet get vaccinated for Lyme disease?

    1. I was just diagnosed with Lyme's disease after dealing with terrible symptoms for around 7yrs. The medical community at large needs to embrace the fact that chronic Lyme's disease exist and our problematic out of date testing needs updated. Would enjoy meeting you for coffee to find out about your journey and what has been most beneficial for you. My sister-in-law(Elizabeth Kenney) forwarded me your blog address and thought we should meet. Thank you.

    2. Are you being treated by a Lyme disease doctor? I am seeing someone in Zionsville. I am feeling much better now. I was misdiagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis for 3 years, but I had a nagging feeling that it was not true. It came on so suddenly and RA isn't like that. I did test positive for Lyme in Sept. and have slowly improved. I am off antibiotics and am on herbals now. I hope that you have a complete and speedy recovery. You can call me if you need someone to talk to about this. No one really understands how much pain this disease causes. You can get my number through Elizabeth.

    3. We could meet for coffee after next week. I am a teacher and I will have a month off and more time to blog and talk about Lyme disease. I found out that someone else at work has Lyme. We could almost form a support group. Be sure to read my older posts about reducing inflammation. It really does help.

  2. I still cry every time I learn of someone who has Lyme disease. I remember how much it hurts and how it feels to struggle with this disease. I feel lucky that I am in recovery from this illness. Not everyone is so lucky. It pains me especially to see young, beautiful, healthy people so sick with Lyme disease.