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Friday, May 15, 2015

Women and Lyme Disease

Lyme disease can express itself differently in women. There seems to be a correlation between bacterial infections like Lyme disease and breast cancer:

Some women report breast swelling, cysts, fibrous tissues, sudden milk production or nipple discharge, and swollen lymph nodes around their breasts and underarm areas.  Other women complain of menstrual irregularities, heavy or prolonged periods, absent periods, groin pain, severe cramping, or ovarian cysts.  It is not known if Lyme disease is affecting the hormones or exactly why it is causing these problems for women. Some women also report sudden weight gain.  Others drop huge amounts of weight in a short time.  In addition, Lyme disease can cause intimacy problems for some women.  It can also effect the vaginal muscles and cause a painful condition like vaginismus.  Other women have reported bladder problems such as incontinence or an overactive bladder.  Even more women develop thyroid issues after contracting Lyme disease.  Hair loss, loss of muscle tone, nerve and tendon  and joint damage are common complaints for many.  These symptoms often have other causes besides Lyme disease, but many women have noticed these symptoms disappear after treatment for Lyme disease.  More research and studies need to be performed so that women can be helped with these troubling symptoms of Lyme disease.  Our bodies are different then men and our hormones are different, so it only makes sense that Lyme disease would affect us differently.

Here's to all my sisters out there still suffering with Lyme disease!


  1. Which of these symptoms have you experienced? (listed above) Do you have any other puzzling Lyme related symptoms? What has helped to eliminate these symptoms that are unique to women?