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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Your Ears and Lyme Disease

Ring, ring, ring!  No it isn't your phone. It's Lyme disease calling.  As if the joint pain, swelling, and fatigue weren't enough, tinnitus often accompanies other Lyme symptoms.  Sometimes it will go away with antibiotic treatment.  I have symptoms of tinnitus that fluctuate in volume and intensity.  Occasionally, the symptoms will disappear completely for a day or a few hours.  Sometimes it will only be in one ear, but most days it is both ears.  I am trying an herbal that has helped some with this problem.  I have also read that zinc supplements often help.  For some reason, my tinnitus seems to go away for a short time just after drinking coffee.  I don't know if it is the caffeine or the warmth of the coffee that offers temporary relief.  So far, nothing that I have tried is offering permanent cure.

Here is an article related to tinnitus that may help:

Aa link to a Facebook page that has Yoga poses for tinnitus, herbal remedies, oils, and other tips for curing tinnitus is below.

How to improve hearing loss and tinnitus symptoms:

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