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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Best In Town

I called the rheumatologist that the pharmacist recommended to me.  I felt lucky that he was accepting new patients.  I was able to secure an appointment the same week.  The doctor spent a whole hour taking my patient history and background information.  I brought up the positive Lyme disease test.  I asked him if he thought that I might have contracted Lyme disease.  He read through my previous doctors' notes.  He did a thorough examination of my swollen limbs, neck, and feet. He looked up some information on Lyme disease on his laptop.  He then stated that he wanted to use a syringe to withdraw synovial fluid from my knees to send to a lab to test for Lyme disease.  He anesthetized my knees and withdrew some of the fluid.

At the conclusion of my exam, he said that most likely, I did have rheumatoid arthritis.  He gave me a prescription to double the dose of methotrexate that I was taking previously.  I drove straight to the pharmacy.  He wanted a follow up appointment in four weeks.

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