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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Broken Dreams

My domestic partner, Tom, has a vacation condo in Florida.  He decided that we needed to spend two weeks of vacation before Christmas and return just after New Year's Eve.  He thought that being in a warmer climate would help the arthritis.  It did help.  It was sunny most days.  I was even able to swim a little with the help of a kick board.

One day after Christmas, we decided to meet some friends for dinner in a nearby town.  My friends had been neighbors who retired early and moved to Florida.  It rained that day.  We were hurrying to the restaurant in the rain when I slipped on the slick sidewalk and broke my arm.  It turned out to be a small bone chip with a dislocated elbow.  It didn't hurt, but it looked awful.  The doctor at the hospital easily moved it back into place and set it in a soft, removable cast.  I never had dinner that evening.

I am sure that my arthritis contributed to my fall.  I was in pain and having trouble walking.  Now I was really in trouble.  My left arm was in a cast and my right shoulder was frozen.  I couldn't even dress myself.  In addition, my wrists were both painfully swollen.  I had to wear wrist guards on both wrists.  I felt lucky to have such an attentive and loving partner who was by my side the whole time to help.

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