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Thursday, January 7, 2016

A New Year of Lyme Disease

Ringing in the New Year with Lyme disease can be disheartening.  Another year has passed, and many are still fighting for a normal life.  But this is also a time to remind us that we can start again with renewed hope.  Moving forward, even with small steps and changes can mean a lot of improvement over days, weeks, and months.  Stay the course, and eventually you will get there.

With that thought, let's make a pact together.  A new resolve to beat this disease, once and for all.  I am making a short list of resolutions for beating Lyme.

I resolve to:

  • get enough sleep every day
  • hydrate with water
  • clean up my diet (no junk food, fast food,  processed meat, packaged foods,carbs, sugars, etc.)
  • eliminate chemicals from my home and use natural or home made cleaning products
  • don't take on too much (learn to say no and mean it)
  • spend less time on electronic devices (computer, television, phone, etc.)
  • read print material (books, newspapers, etc.)
  • moderate exercise (walk, gym, swim, bicycle, etc.)
  • socialize (church, community volunteer, etc.)
  • be an advocate for myself and others with Lyme disease
  • vote and encourage legislation for health care for chronic illness such as Lyme
  • simplify (what can I eliminate or leave out that will make my life easier and happier?)
  • wear sunscreen and bug spray to prevent tick bites
Your list may look a little different than mine, however writing it all down helps it to stick around until next year.  Good luck!

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