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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hello From The Other Side Of Lyme

It seems that everyone is singing a parody of Adele's latest hit song.  If I had even a smidgen of singing talent, I would be singing from the rooftops.  It sure feels great to be on the mend.  A lot of the lyrics already make sense for a break up about Lyme disease.  This is one break up that I definitely initiated and I am happy about!  Just for fun, I made up a poem about breaking up with Lyme:

Hello, spirochete  (parody, sung to Adele’s Hello)

Hello, spirochete,
I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to leave,
And take away all this pain?
Docs say the meds supposed to heal ya,
But I ain’t done much healin’

Hello from the other side!
Misdiagnosed a thousand times.
I’m sorry, but you don’t have Lyme,
But spirochetes know how to hide!

Hello, doc, can you hear me?
I’m in Indiana dreamin’ of who I used to be.
When I was young, and free of disease.
I’ve forgotten how it feels to be fun
And to stand on my feet.

There is such a difference
Between RA arthritis,
And a million lives.

Hello from the other side
I’ve finally gotten rid of Lyme!
I’m sorry for everyone
Who still has to try.

Hello from the inside
I must have cried a thousand times.
Same story, I’m sorry

ELIZA, you’re breaking my heart.

I am still not 100%, but some of that is just a loss of muscle mass and atrophy from 3 years of not exercising and being house-bound. Even after being cured, there is still work to be done to recover from this disease. I am having to work on detox, strength train, and develop endurance.  I still tire easily and stay home most evenings.  I have learned to pace myself and break tasks into small, manageable chunks.  Simple chores such as taking out the trash or shoveling snow from the driveway or sidewalk can be impossible at times.  

I found a recipe that addresses some of the issues that come with recovering from damage due to Lyme disease.  I may add a pinch of turmeric.  It could be a breakfast or snack replacement.

A shake for healing and strengthening your knees:

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