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Monday, January 18, 2016

Getting A Second Opinion?

Columbia University in New York is doing research on Lyme disease.  They have a web page with information for Lyme patients that includes definitions, complications, information about testing, and answers to questions that you may have about Lyme disease.  This is a source that you could share with your primary care physician.  The contact page also contains information about how someone could make an appointment with their facility to get a second opinion.  Rather than going to Cleveland Clinic or Mayo Clinic, where they don't seem to be able to properly diagnose or treat Lyme patients, I would recommend going to Columbia instead.  Below is a link to their contact page. I wish that I had known about this useful resource when I first contracted Lyme disease.  There is still much to learn about this complicated illness, and they are working on it!


  1. Have you asked for a second opinion on your Lyme diagnosis or lack of diagnosis? Where did you go for a second opinion? Did you go to a major clinic like Cleveland or Mayo? What happened?