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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Can't Afford Testing? There Is Help and Hope!

Thankfully, there are resources for those people who cannot afford testing for Lyme disease.  Many who have Lyme, are too sick to work and lack insurance.  For others, their insurance may not cover Lyme disease.  Insurance also may not cover testing at some of the most reliable Lyme disease labs.   I had to pay for my own Western Blot tests.

There is an organization that can help with these costs.  You will need to read the eligibility requirements and fill out an application form.  Funds are limited, and first come first serve. Click on the link below to find the forms.

If you would like to make a donation to help support others with Lyme disease, they are taking donations to help with this worthy cause.

A source for grants for children with Lyme 25 years old or younger:

Another source of financial assistance is available for children who have Lyme disease.  Funds are available for both testing and treatment of Lyme disease.

Help with rent, medical bills, or utilities for those unemployed because of Lyme and Co.:

Help for children with a serious illness and related disabilities:

A new type of Lyme disease test:

Many people use crowd funding to pay for living expenses, travel, and medical bills when they have chronic Lyme disease or have no medical coverage for Lyme disease.

If  you are able, please help contribute funds to help others get treatment.  There are many who are suffering.