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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Public Warnings About Lyme

I saw a posting on another site that asked why we don't see signs warning people about Lyme disease in state and national parks?  Why aren't there posters and public service announcements about Lyme disease?  Why aren't parents being educated about this disease, so they can protect their kids?  We have government mandated vaccines, but no warning about Lyme disease?

During the 1940's. polio was a major health concern in the United States.  It crippled many people, (including a U.S. president) and changed their lives forever.  Pools closed and people stayed out of public places in fear that they would catch it. Our government took action to educate our people, and when a vaccine became available, we were able to eradicate it.  Not so with Lyme disease.

Not many people know that we have had a U.S. president who had Lyme disease while in office. George W. Bush was treated for secondary Lyme disease.  Some have speculated that this is why his behavior, decision-making ability, and speech seemed erratic.  It was all kept very quiet and covered up.  I am not a government conspiracy believer, but our government has let us down with this type of inaction and silence when it comes to Lyme disease.  Many unlucky people will become crippled with Lyme disease and end up in a wheel chair or nursing home because of this silence.

The only state park where I saw any kind of warning about Lyme disease was in Ludington, Michigan.  There was a sign at the entrance to the campground and trails with a very large picture of a tick and a warning about the possibility of Lyme disease.  I read this sign and made a note of it.  Still, I didn't worry too much the first time that I saw it because I didn't know just how seriously ill that a person can get with Lyme disease.

Michigan and Lyme disease link:

Michigan government and Michigan DNR warnings:,4570,7-153-10370_12150_12220-26945--,00.html

Way to go Michigan, for warning your citizens!!!

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