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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lyme Disease and Dental Problems

One day I bit into my crisp, Granny Smith apple and one of my front teeth chipped off.  I rushed to an emergency dental appointment.  Luckily, my dentist was trained in cosmetic dentistry.  He did an excellent job of repairing the tooth.  That was my first clue that something wasn't right with my body. This happened just before I became very ill with Lyme disease symptoms.

Later, I wondered about that incident.  Since I was having extreme bone pain, were the two things connected?  When I finally found out that I had Lyme disease, I dismissed that idea.  I checked symptom lists for any kind of tooth decay or brittle teeth.  Now that I am in recovery.  I want to revisit the thought.

I am thinking that there is a connection.  I work with someone who has had Lyme disease for 8 years.  She was positively diagnosed after a tick bite (that she saw) produced a bulls eye rash.  She began developing multiple cavities.  She said that the disease reduces saliva in the mouth to almost zero.  Your teeth and gums essentially dry out.  The dry mouth produces cavities and brittle teeth.  Perhaps this needs to be added to the symptoms list?

I have purchased dry mouth oral rinse/mouth wash to help with this.  Chewing sugar free gum also will help.  Keeping a glass of water or reusable water bottle with you and taking sips throughout the day seems to help.  It has been suggested that oil-pulling with coconut oil will kill the bad bacteria in your mouth and make it less dry.  This may also prevent brittle and decayed teeth.

Since our conversation, I have read other accounts of dental problems and Lyme.  Some people, including myself, have jaw pain and jaw swelling.  This is something that I also had checked at the dentist's office.  Though swelling in other parts of my body has disappeared, this problem remains.

Removing spirochetes (Lyme) from your mouth:

I am including a link to one woman's account of dental problems and how she solved that for her family.


  1. Have you noticed dental problems, brittle or broken teeth, or swollen jaw since contracting Lyme disease?

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