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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Could Bee Sting Therapy Offer A Cure?

Some people think that Lyme disease could be cured by bee sting therapy.  Bee stings are thought to help arthritis and multiple sclerosis patients ease debilitating symptoms.  The practice can be both dangerous and controversial.  Some patients of these diseases are so desperate for relief that they will try anything.  Some patients feel that they have nothing to loose.  Little research has been done to test the effectiveness of bee sting therapy.  Scientists and doctors are not sure exactly how the venom works to cause relief of symptoms of these diseases.  Since bee stings can cause shock for many people, it should be administered by a professional.

Below is a link to an incredible story of one patient who was eventually cured by bee sting therapy:

More about bee sting therapy:


  1. Have you tried bee sting therapy? What was the result? Were you able to find a bee sting therapist in your area?