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Monday, February 23, 2015

Watching, Waiting, Worrying

A couple of weeks after calling my Lyme disease specialist and getting on the waiting list for an appointment, I got a lucky break.  Someone cancelled their appointment.  I received a call from the doctor's office asking if I could take the appointment that next afternoon.  I made all of the necessary arrangements.  I would work until noon, and then get in my car and drive 45 minutes to an hour to make the trip to the next county north of Indianapolis for my appointment.

Luckily, I had stopped by the office of the sports medicine doctor's office and collected my records from two years ago.  This was one of the first doctors that I had seen when the symptoms began.  He was the first doctor that tested me for Lyme disease.  He declared my test a "false positive" and sent me to an infectious disease doctor.

When I asked for my records at the sports medicine doctor's office, the receptionist asked where the records were going.  I told her and she replied, "You are the second patient this week who has requested their records because they have Lyme disease.  The other patient said that he is going to that same Lyme doctor in Zionsville."  I found it interesting that two of his patients were transferring their records.  Especially after reading my records and discovering that he had written that I most likely had a conversion disorder and that there was nothing medically wrong with my legs.

I couldn't help but feel cheated out of the last two years of my life, but that was about to change.

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