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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Getting Lyme Literate

Even though my dentist doubted that I had Lyme disease,  I began to think that perhaps I did have it.  At this point, my Rheumatologist ran tests a genetic test to see if I had a genetic defect for arthritis.  The results came back negative.  He seemed puzzled.  He said, "you shouldn't even have this."  I thought to myself, "but why am I being treated for this then?  Why are we pretending that I have Rheumatoid arthritis, when I don't?"  

That evening, I started to revisit the idea that I could have Lyme disease.  I looked up various web pages that described the symptoms.  I looked like someone who had Lyme.  Even the pictures on the Center for Disease Control looked just like my legs.  I wrote to a Lyme disease support group, asking them if there were any Lyme literate doctors in my area.  I put that thought in the back of my mind and went to sleep.

The next day, I woke up, went straight to the bathroom, and flushed all of the methotrexate that I had been taking for the arthritis down the toilet.  My hair was falling out, it was destroying my stomach,  I didn't look like the same person, and I was getting worse. I cancelled my next appointment with the arthritis doctor.  

A few days later,  I received an email from the Lyme disease support group.  They did have the name of a Lyme disease doctor in a town just north of Indianapolis, just a half hour away.  When I called, however, the receptionist said that the doctor was very busy and would not be accepting any new patients until January.  I would have to call back in October to make my first appointment for January.  By that time, it was September and I was facing another cold, painful winter.  What else could I do but agree?

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