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Monday, February 9, 2015

Dropping Out

Early on, when I started having symptoms in my shoulder, neck, and arms, something weird started to happen.  I would suddenly drop things for no apparent reason. I suppose it was the damaged muscles, tendons, or nerve damage that caused me to suddenly drop things.  My wrists were sore to the point that I had to wear wrist guards on both of them.  I broke bowls, plates, coffee cups, pie plates, and jars.   I broke one of my covered casserole dishes that was part of a set of Martha Stewart bake ware.  I was just sick about breaking it.  It was designed to go from oven to table to fridge, and had snap on lids.

Several months later, I took the lid to a Goodwill store on the way home from work.  I found the exact bowl that fit the lid!  What were the odds of finding that exact bowl the very first time that I looked in that store?

The most embarrassing thing that happened, was at work when one day, I was walking down the hall and dropped a full cup of coffee which not only spilled everywhere, but shattered everywhere.  Luckily, a kind boy helped me to quickly clean up the mess before anyone got hurt.

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