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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lyme and Alzheimer's Disease: What's In The Future?

There are several doctors who have posted videos about a possible link between Lyme disease and Alzheimer's disease.  I do not doubt that this is a very real possibility.  More research needs to be done on Lyme disease.  It is such a "new" disease, that not all understand it or accept that it is a real condition.  I am just beginning to understand this disease, and I have it myself.  

When I was discussing my condition with an infectious disease doctor, before I knew what it was, he tried to write off my symptoms as menopause or hormone problems.  I replied, "My 82 year old mother gets around better than I do."  Sadly, this was no exaggeration.  If the Lyme disease is causing the same kind of damage to my brain as it is my body, I have plenty to worry about.  The body can heal, regain a certain amount of strength and flexibility, even in middle age.  Not so the brain. Thank God for spell check. 

Click link below for a credible story about the connection between Lyme and AD:

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