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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Taking The Heat

Another controversial therapy is being used in Germany to treat Lyme disease.  A doctor there uses thermal therapy to kill off the bacteria, which cannot survive high temperatures.  I am wondering if daily use of a hot tub or an electric blanket could do the same thing?  My partner, Tom purchased a heated mattress pad for me because I have an extreme sensitivity to cold.  This helps me to sleep at night.  I may have to crank up the heat even more to kill the bacteria.  This supposedly mimics a fever which kills the spirochetes.

The German doctor puts his patients in a heated chamber of sorts. This, combined with antibiotics and fasting for several hours, seems to cure patients quickly. Apparently the body's cells are starved and the only thing it can find are the antibiotics, which kill off the bacteria in short order. The heat supposedly increases the effectiveness of the antibiotics.  It is sort of a three-pronged approach to killing off the little buggers.  It is very expensive though.  I am not sure that it would be covered by insurance.  And of course, the travel expenses would be prohibitive for most people with Lyme disease.

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