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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Doubt It

I was truly at the end of my rope.  I had been sick for over two years.  I didn't know how much longer that I could continue to work like this.  But I needed to work for the health insurance.  The treatments for arthritis were very expensive.  I was going to the best rheumatologist  in the city, but I wasn't getting any better.  In fact, the arthritis had spread to many joints in my body.  My arms, legs, jaw, and abdomen were swollen.

I started researching the causes of arthritis.  I read that some people think that it is caused by a hidden infection.  One doctor has a theory that tooth decay may be the hidden cause.  After reading that article on the Internet, I decided to have my dentist look over my teeth.  After all, my left jaw was hurting me, along with intermittent pain radiating out of my ear.

My dentist looked over my teeth and declared my mouth and gums very healthy for someone my age.  I told him that I had been diagnosed with arthritis.  I told him that I had also tested positive for Lyme disease.  He said that Lyme disease is extremely rare and that I probably didn't have it.  My teeth were not the source of all of the extreme inflammation either.

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